Pasinetti Residence 1957-1958



"Pasinetti Residence" 1421 Summitridge Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Vintage 1958 Photo's by Robert C. Cleveland


The Pasinetti House was being sold as a Tear Down with a set of Plans for a much larger home in the Tuscan Style. It caught the eye of Tim Braseth  of Willow Glen Partners who saw the quality & beauty of the Mid Century Architecture, and it was purchased restoration. The Willow Glen Partners began the complete restoration of the home from 2007-2008. No one knew  who the architect was and the house was posted on the L.A. Modern Committee Web Site. The wife of Christopher Georgesco, son of the architect, worked for Trina Turk a well known Fashion Designer  who is on the Modern Committee in Palm Springs and L.A.  Trina recognized the house as the work of Haralamb Georgscu and contacted Willow Glen Partners to put them in touch with Christopher Georgesco. The puzzle was solved of who the  architect was  by a simple twist of fate. The J. Paul Getty Museum got involved with the project and has acquired part of  the Archives of Haralamb Georgesu, the other part of his archives are at the Ion Mincu University of Architecture & Urbanism in Bucharest, Romania. These events occurred on the 30th Anniversary of the Architects Death and also the year of his 100th Birthday.  The Ion Mincu University of Architecture & Urbanism in Bucharest,  (Haralamb practiced Architecture till 1947 in Bucharest, when he fled the country due to the Communist regime),  s aw  the Modern Committee's Web Site and collaborated on a exhibition in 2008, " A Romanian Architect in the U.S.A."  with the Getty Museum in the honor of Haralamb's Centenial Birthday. No one talked of Georgescu's work for 30 years after his death, and the Pasinetti House has been the catylist for  a renewed interest in Haralamb Georgescu's work. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY ON NEXTPAGE