"A Romanian Architect in the U.S.A."


Ion Mincu University of Architecture & Urbanism.   Bucharest, Romania  2008









Bucharest, Romania

The Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism is located on a city block, hemmed in on four sides by the streets of Bucharest. This block is not occupied by a lone building Ė the university has acquired all of the buildings in the space and made this into an interconnected complex. This is, perhaps, fitting for a teaching institution which focuses on architecture and city planning.

The main location includes all of the Ion Mincuís classrooms; all of its five laboratories, which are fitted out with the latest equipment and computers, and include labs designed for the study of construction materials, architectural technology, restoration, modeling, and architectural lighting; a gymnasium; the faculty and administrative offices; and the library, which has two reading rooms and a collection of 200,000 works that deal with architecture, design, mathematics, and related topics. The university also has its own publishing house, although students are unlikely to interact directly with that.

In all, the Ion Mincu University provides a setting for you to study the interesting and important topics of architecture and urban design. You will discover the secrets of creating buildings, utilizing space, and making the most of the city environment where the majority of humanity will soon (perhaps unfortunately) live. You can gain a quality, internationally-recognized education here in a field whose scope is only going to grow as the urbanization of the planetís populations proceeds and the need for better urban design and architecture increases.

Upon the passing of Haralamb Georgescu in 1977 the bulk of his Architectural Plans and Renderings from his Century City Architectural Firm were shipped and archived at the Mincu University . In 2008, 30 years after Haralamb Georgesu passed one of his Residental Mid Century Gems "The Pasinetti Residence" on Summitridge, Beverly Hills was saved from the wreaking Ball and completely restored by "The Willow Glen Partners".  Do to Integrity of this Mid Century Gem it first caught the eye of Modernism Committee in Los Angeles who posted it on their Web Site. It caught then caught the eye of The Getty Research Institute and the remaining archives, mainly photographs were acquired for The Getty from his son Sculptor, Christopher Georgesco in 2008.

By chance The Mincu University in Bucharest, Romania saw the Pasinetti Residence Restoration Project on-line and contacted the "Willow Glen Partners" who contacted Christopher Georgesco. The timing of this event was extraordinary in that The Mincu University had been working on Book of Haralamb (BubI) Georgesu Architecture based on the archives they received in 1977 and the Architectual Works left behind when Georgesu fled Romania. The Book tittled "A Romanian Architect in U.S.A."  accompanied the exhibition by the same name in May - June 2008. The archives exhibited and documented in the book were framed and displayed at The Mincu Universities Enormous Exhibition  Gallery.  All his plans and renderings had been preserved, documented, photographed and framed for the exhibition ad well documented and reproduced in the book. The book "A Romanian Architect in U.S.A." won "The Best Architectual Book of The Year 2008".

The Mincu University invited Wim Dewit from "The Getty Research Institute", Los Angeles, Tim Braseth of The "Willow Glen Partners", Jeffrey Head Architectural Scholar and Writer and Christopher Georgesco, Sculptor and the architects son to Bucharest to attend and participate in the exhibition and Seminar.

Unknown to Haralamb Georgesu's son his father happened to be the Top Modernist Architect in Romania, after his partnership with Hori Creinga had been handed down to him at the passing of Crienga in 1948 the same year Harlamb Georgescu fled Romania to avoid imprisonment during the siege of Romania by The Communist Party. Haralmb had designed many of the Modern Landmark Buildings in Bucharest, primarily in Reinforced Concrete which many of still survive today. He was the architect for King Michael, and Malaxa the Greatest Industrialist in Romania for which he designed 2 Factories. One Factory for Steel Pipe and another for Automobile Engines, both on a Grand Scale of 1/2 mile long each with railroad tracks traveling through or by them.

2008 was a Amazing year. 30 years after the death of Haralmb Georgescu his Photographic Archives were acquired by "The Getty Research Institute", Los Angeles and a Grand Exhibition including a Award Winning Book on his Architecture at The Mincu University, Bucharest , Romania both took place. The Exhibition was also in honor of Haralamb Georgesu's Centenial Birhday 1908 - 2008. The Pasinetti Residence has opened New Interest in Georgescu's work and his Once Regarded Fame is slowly being rekindled here in America and Abroad in Europe the same. His works in Palm Springs were mentioned in a  Modernism Seminar at "Palm Modernism Week 2011".

A Documentary Featuring the importance of Haralamb Georgescu' Architecture, also including excerpts from his Sculptor son and is and his Sculptures is near completed in 2011. It will be aired throughout Europe on their equivalent to PBS in America. A Museum is now under Construction and the ground breaking was also announced at the Opening of the Georgescu's Exhibition " A Romanian Architect in U.S.A.". The Museum will be tittled, The Frank Loyd Wright, Haralamb Georgesu Museum of Art and Architecture .