Lincoln Nebraska 1950





1968-1982 -Venice Beach, Abbot Kenny

1983-1986 -Desmonds Tower, Mid Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA

1986-1989 -Downtown Los Angeles, Olympic and Slauson

1990-1994 -South Central, Los Angeles, CA

1995- Present -B bar H Ranch, Outskirts of Palm Springs, CA




2015- "New Paintings", Polyester Resin on Wood Panel

           Brian Marki Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

2014- "Painted Wood Wall Pieces"

           Gallery 446, Palm Springs, CA

2012-  Pacific Standard Time, "The Big Picture"

           Curated by Peter FrankA

2011- "Rectangular Revisions", Stainless Steel Plate

           Michael Lord Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

2006- "New Paintings", Enamel on Plexi

           Thaiphoon Gallery, Roermond, Neatherlands

2005- "Leaving the Square", Painted Steel Leaf Pieces

           Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2003- "New Paintings-Leaf Sculpture", Painted Plexi and Steel

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2001- "Isotopes", White Enamel on Steel

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1999- "Urns and Vessels", Black Enamel on Steel

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1994- "Warped Planes", Concrete and Stainless Steel

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1993- "Warped Planes", Concrete, Steel and Stainless Steel

            Jan Turner Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

1983- "New Work" Aluminum Plate

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1982- "Polychrome Columns", Stainless Steel and Enamel Paint

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1981- "Nine Year Retrospective"

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1980- "Split Step Studios", Stainkless Steel Plate

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1979- "Split Plane Series", Stainless Steel Plate

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1978- "New Works", Concrete and Steel

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1977- "Tripods and Colums", Concrete and Steel

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1976- "Concrete Columns", Concrete and Steel

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1974- "Floor Pieces", Douglas Fir

            Venice Beach Studio, CA

1973- "Cement Block Series", Concrete, Wood, Rope

                     Venice Beach Studio, CA

1972- "Wood and Canvas Series" Douglas Fir and Canvas

            Venice Beach Studio, CA




2019- "Absolute Abstract", Curated by Michael McCall

           Yucca Valley Visual and Performing Arts Center

2018- "Christopher Georgesco and Marck Schmit"

            Paul Willams Gallery, Ontario, CA

2015- "A-Z", Craig Antrum, Casper Brindle, Eric Zammitt

            Brett Rubico Gallery, Newport Beack, CA

2013- "Summer Group Show"

            Brett Rubico Gallery, Newport Beach, CA

2013- "Summer Group Show"

           Michael Lord Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

2013- "L.A. Platform"

            Barker Hanger, Santa Monica, CA

2013- "Ying and Yang", Curated by Laurie Weitz

           Gallery  446, Palm Springs, CA

2013- "Palm Springs Art Fair", Michael Lord Gallery

            Palm Springs, CA

2011- "Catalyst. Eight Artist on the San Andreas Fault"

            University of California, Riverside, Palm Desert, CA

2010- "Summer Show"

           Michael Lord Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

2010- "Group Show", Coven Museum

            Aachen, Germany. (Catalog)

2009- "100 Kuenstler-100  Kacheln

            Zinkhutter of Museum, Stolberg, Germany (Catalog)

2007- "For The Children"

            Ludwig Forum Museum of Art, Stolberg, Germany

2005- "Experience Color", Art on El Paseo

            Palm Desert, CA

2003- "LAPD", Pattern and Decoration in L.A.

           Rosemond Felsen Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

           Curated by Michael Duncan

2000- "New Sculpture at Newspace"

            Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1998- "Permanent Collection"

            University of California Santa Barbara, CA

1997- "Gramercy International Art Fair"

            Chateu Marmont, Hollywood, CA

1996- "Gramercy International Art Fair"

            Chateu Marmont, Hollywood, CA

1996- "Newspace in Las Vegas"

            Las Vegas, NV

1995- "Selected Gallery Artist"

           Gallery Blu, Palm Desert, CA

1995- "Gallery Artist Group Show"

            Vallerie Miller Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

1994- "Balls" Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1992- "Real Space Sculpture Survey"

            Works Gallery, Long Beach, CA

1988- "Richard Serra and Christopher Georgesco"

            Hoffman Borman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1988- Moca Contemporary Art / Third Biennale Art Auction.


1987- "A Californian Collection". Cirrus Gallery,

           Los Angeles, CA. (Catalog)

1984- "Constructed Metal - Modern Sculpture". College of

            Creative Studies. Los Angeles. (Catalog)

1984- "Museum Aquisitions", University of Santa Barbara,

            Santa Barbara, CA. (Catalog)

1984- "A Broad Spectrum", L.A. Painters and Sculptors 84.

           Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, CA. (Catalog)

1983- "Sculpture Garden". Santa Monica City College. CA.

1982- "Aspects of Sculpture". John Berggruen Gallery,

           San Francisco, CA.

1982- "BrookHouse Sculpture Invitational at The Kaiser Center.

           Curated by The Oakland Museum, CA. (Catalog)

1980- "Sculpture in California 1975-1980".

           San Diego Museum of Art, CA. (Catalog)

1980- "The Plaza Pasadena". 30ft. Polychrome Stainless Steel

           Sculpture Commission.  Pasadena Civic Center, CA.

1979- "Newspace in San Diego". University Art Museum,

           California State University, San Diego, CA. (Catalog)

1979- "Our Own Art". Newport Harbor Museum of Art.

           Sculpture Garden. Newport Beach, CA.

1977- "Four Californian's". La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art,

           La Jolla, CA. Curated by Richard Armstrong. (Catalog)

1977- "Recent Aquisitions". Selected Works 1974-1977

           La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, CA.

1977- "Big Summer Show". Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

1976- "L.A. 8". Los Angeles County Musem of Art.

           Los Angeles, Ca. (Catalog)

1976- "Group Show". St. Augistines Church. Santa Monica, CA.

1976- "Five Sculptors - USA". Carl Schlossberg Fine Arts.

           Los Angeles, CA.

1973- "Summer Show". Jack Glen Gallery. Corona Del Mar, CA.

1973- "19th Annual Purchase Prize Competition".

          Laguna Museum of Art, CA. Juried by Wayne Thiebaud.