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Ocean Home Magazine

April-May 2013.

"Objects d' Arts"

by Karina Timmel





Desert Sun

Februay 36, 2012

"Its a Mod Mod World"

by Jorie Parr





Art in America

February 2011, Page 39.

Michael Lord Gallery

"Rectangular Revisions"





Palm Springs Life Magazine

February 2011. Page 25

Michael Lord Gallery

"Rectangular Revisions"





L.A. Rising

SoCal Artists Before 1980

Artist Encyclopedia by Lyn Kienholz

Pacific Standard Time: Getty





Uptown Design District

Palm Springs Guide

Michael Lord Gallery

Sulpture by Christopher Georgesco





Palm Springs Life

Art + Culture

December 2010





Desert Magazine

December 2010





Covin Museum Poster

Aachen Germany, 2010





Palm Springs Sun

July 2, 2010  

"Artist Juices Flow"

by Kimberly Nichols





Museum Zinkhutler Hof

Stolberg, Germany

 "100 Kunstler - 100 Kachlen"

Poster 2009"





Palm Springs Life Magazine

March 2009  

"Revisting Modernism" by Jorie Parr





Los Angeles Times

January 16, 2009 

"Modernism Squared" by Jeffery Head





Desert Magazine

January 2009  

"He Says, She Says" by Jorie Parr





Ludwig Forumn Museum of Art

Catalog., Aachen, Germany 2007  

"Kunstler Les Artiste" byGabrille Prill





Hip Hollywood Homes  

First Edition Book. September, 2006  

page 93. by Sue Hostetler





Wallpaper Magazine

"California Dreaming"

November, 2005   

by Stephen Jones





Art in America and Art News

"Art on El Paseo"2005-2006

"Art on El Paseo". City of Palm Desert, CA





The Desert Sun

January 4, 2005  

"Outdoor Art" by Richard Guzman





The Desert Sun

April 27, 2003  

"Desert Inspires Artist" by Jorie Parr





Los Angeles Times

May 1, 2003   

"Georgesco Works Sizzle"





Los Angeles Times

May 23, 2003   

"Branching Out with a Leaf Motif"  

Newspace Gallery, L.A.





Angeles Magazine

August, 1990

"Jan Turner Gallery"  West Hollywood, CA





MOCA Contemporary Art Auction

Catalog", 1988  

Courtesy Fred Hoffman Gallery

Santa Monica, CA





A Southern California Collection

Cirrus Gallery, L.A. CA.

"Catalog" 1987





A Broad Spectrum 1984

Pacific Design Center

Great Hall, L.A. CA.

Catalog 1984





Constructed Metal:

Modern Sculpture

University of Santa Barbara

Catalog 1984





Los Angeles Times

February 25, 1983

by Suzanne Munhnic  

"The Galleries"  Newspace Gallery, L.A. CA





The Brook House

Sculpture Invitational

(Catalog)  Oakland, CA. 1983





Los Angeles Times. Art Walk

1982 by Suzanne Munhnic 

"Critical Guide to the Galleries" 

Newspace Gallery, L.A. CA





Real Space: A  Survey in Sculpture

 "The Works Gallery" 1982  

Costa Mesa, CA





Christopher Georgesco

New Sculpture

February 2 -March 8, 1982   

(Poster) Newspace Gallery, L.A. CA





Art in America

Christopher Georgesco at Newspace

November, 1981





Star News

May 25, 1980. by Harold N Hubbard  

"Straight Line Sculpture to Circle Plaza"





Sculpture in California 1975-1980

by Richard Armstrong  (Book)

San Diego Museum of Art. S.D. CA





Los Angeles Times

September 28, 1980 

"Pasadena $115 Million Plaza Offically Opens"





Art Week

March 3, 1979 by Howard Singerman  

"Preserving Constructivism"





Newspace in San Diego

October 19 - November 18, 1979  

(Catalog) University Gallery, San Diego State University

by Henry Seldis and William Wilson





Los Angeles Times

A Critical Guide to the Galleries

February 11, 1977 





La Jolla Museum

of Contemporary Art

December, 1977  "Recent Acquisitions"  

SelectedWorks 1974-1977





Art News

by Melinda Wertz, May 1977  

"Christopher Georgesco.

One of the most Interesting Sculptors in

Los Angeles"





Art Week

by Martha Spelman. March 5, 1977  

"Geometry in Concrete"





La Jolla Museum

of Contemporary Art, CA   

Catalog  1977 "Four Californians"  

C. Georgesco, R. Spense, P. Krebs, R. Therien





Art News

by Josine Ianco-Starrles. June, 1976  

"L.A. 8" Los Angeles County

Museumof Art.





Los Angeles Museum of Art 

"L.A. 8".  (Catalog) 1976

C. Georgesco, R. Graham, V. Henderson,

S. Sharp, G. Murrill, M. Teraoka, C. Hill,

M. Hendersen





Art Forum

Summer 1976. by Nancy Mariner

"L.A. 8: The Dark Underside"





Los Angeles Times

by Henry Seldis & William Wilson.

February 20, 1976  

Critical Guide to the Galleries





Laguna Beach Museum of Art

19th Annual All Calif. Purchase Prize. 1973

Juror: Wayne Thiebaud.

Winner: C. Georgesco





The Art Gallery Magazine

by Michael Leopold  

"New Names, New Faces"

October 1972