Black Series





"Male Figure of Balzac" 1999

Palm Springs International Airport

Palm Springs, CA. 2017






"Curved Male Figure". (Front View) 1998

       Painted Steel. 96"h  x  12"w   x  12"      






"Curved Male Figure". (Back View) 1998

       Painted Steel. 96"h  x  12"w   x  12"






"Cantalevered Axis". (Front View) 1997

 Painted Steel. 32"h  x  8"w   x  54"l






"Segments". 1997

 Painted Steel. 42"h  x  28"w   x  10"d






"Cat". 1997

 Painted Steel on Concrete Pedistal

6'h x 18"w x 24"d






"Levitated Rectangular Spire". 1997

Painted Steel. 20"h  x  24"w   x  24'd






" Traverse"  1997      

Painted Steel. 52'h  






"Black Series" I999

Installation View, Newspace Gallery L.A.






"Black Maria" (Study) I999. 84"h

"Balzac" (Study) 1999.  76"h

Painted Steel and Stainless Steel






"Balzac" (Study) 1999.  76"h

Private Collection: Palm Springs, CA






"Male Figure of Balzac". 1997

Painted Steel on Concrete. 10'h






"Male Figure". 1997.

Painted Steel. 42"h  x  19"w   x  19"d






"Warped Disc". 1998.

Painted Steel. 5' dia  x  12"d