contemporary modern abstract sculpture / painted steel sculpture                                            click image to enlarge














leaf sculpture 2007-2008



My Leaf Series was one of the most playful Modern Sculpture Series I have done.

The pieces on this page were some of the last from the Leaf Sculpture Series.

They were the first time I used a lot of Color in my oeuvre.

I used Grey in my Concrete Sculpture, or Natural Hues in my early Wood Sculpture.

When I began building Volumes in Steel it proved to be a great material for producing fine angles,

I stuck to palette of Black and White as Steel requires a coating to prevent rusting.

I tried to push the limits of the Steel by using relatively thin dowels as my primary structure.

The Leaf Sculpture, actually Radius Lines created by Steel Dowel and Circles in Space created by Circumferences.

In this sense these Modern Sculptures resemble Leafs but remain true to my vocabulary of forms and circles in space.

They took my work from a Objective to Subjective in the way they were perceived as Leaf Sculptures.

With the addition of color and their Leaf like structures made them easier for people to understand.