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white painted steel sculpture  2000-2002  b



I usually built my Abstract Modern Sculpture in 2 Scales.

First I built Smaller Scale Sculpture on Pedestals and transferred my favorites 8' to 10' H.

I gravitated to the Monolith because it was elegant, compact to store, and relatively light weight.

My Modern Abstract Sculpture is worked out on a more manageable size, transferred from plans to working models first.

Some of my Abstract Monumental Sculpture has a Anthropomorphic Quality.

Bring Life to Inanimate Objects is always a quality in Minimal Abstract to strive for.

If one takes the time to slow down, the minimal quality of the Abstract Sculpture can have a medative effect.

The Monumental Scale Sculpture work does not always come from its size.

A small sculpture can have Monumental Qualities,

Good Sculpture should work on all scales.

The Painted Steel Sculptures have Stainless Spacers on the base elevating the sculpture off the ground.

Elevating the Contemporary Sculptures off the ground allows water to pass under, eliminating rust problems.