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black painted steel sculpture 1997-1999 b



The Black Painted Steel Sculpture are the most anthropomorphic Modern Sculptures I had done to this date.


The Metal Sculpture was a new direction, Warped Planes. No longer would opposing facets have to align.


I was able to achieve finer edges that were structurally sound and not vulnerable to chipping.


The Black Painted Steel Modern Outdoor Sculpture is cut and welded 1/8" mild steel


Metal Sculptures is easy to manipulate and warp to confirm to the opposing contours of bridging planes.


"Warped Disk" (above) has a edge which snakes back and fourth like ying and yang.


The outside planes embraced themselves in opposing curves, much like cupping your hands cup together.


Each Modern Contemporary Sculpture is worked out in scale from cardboard models to avoid mistakes and refine lines.


The ability to warp planes proved profitable in allowing many new possibilities of bridging opposing angles.


Last Metal Sculpture on the page "Female Figure", has new curved switch back traversed follow ups.


The Sculpture is joined with a eight inch steel tube with a internal sculpture mount into concrete.