contemporary modern abstract sculpture / painted steel sculpture                                                  click image to enlarge














leaf sculpture  2002-2003




I worked in Formal Volumes for eight years in my previous "Black Sculpture" and "White Sculpture".


I was ready to move in a New Direction in Contemporary Abstract Sculpture.


Metal Sculpture is a great medium for pushing linear dimensions and planes.


Metal Sculpture allows for elongated elements to be structurally sound..


Radius Lines look like Stems and the Opposing Circumference Lines as Leafs..


The forms are distilled from a Formal Vocabulary established in 1973 in my Wood Floor Sculptures.


Color had not entered my work till this point.


I had used natural materials and black and white previously.


These compositions were different than the past sculptures and retained my Core Concept of Circles in Space.


While working on these Outdoor Sculptures I did a Paintings using the same paint and leaf shape as my sculpture.


I used the same paints and Leaf like Forms on Plexiglas. / See Wall Pieces on Index for examples