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black painted steel sculpture 1997-1999 a



This exhibition at Newspace Gallery L.A. was tittled "Urns and Vessels".


They were the first Painted Steel Sculpture I did after settling in the desert from L.A. in 1995.


After moving It took awhile to get set up for Outdoor Metal Sculpture Fabrication.


I needed a shaded wooden structure over my welding table to block the desert sun.


A concrete block wall 8 foot high was built to give security, privacy and limitless height.


The climate in the desert is dry and storing metal outdoors for short periods is not a problem.


Working outdoors with Metal Sculpture makes good sense.


The fumes, dust and grindings of the metal sculpture are toxic and the outdoors is well ventilated.


A Sculpture Garden accessed by a driveway in the rear allows plenty of outdoor storage in a sculpture garden.


Doors to the Garage had to be enlarged along with major electric work for welders and air compressor.