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concrete abstract sculpture 1989-1990 b



Installation photographed at Solo Exhibition / Jan Turner Gallery, West Hollywood, CA. 1990.  


The Shot on the lower left is from my South East L.A. Studio.


The Ball is Galvanized Wire and Concrete with a towled Finish.


Concrete is very Plastic as it can be molded or formed in many diffrent ways.


LeCorbusier Was a big influence from a early age.


The Sculptures being inner space activate the outer space around them.


If the Circumfrance Lines or Radius Lines were comlpleted these Modern Sculptures would exist primarly in outerspace.


I like activating space and especially Outerspace.


Outer Space is all around us and can be contained or manipulated.


The Stainless Steel Edges make it posable to obtain thiner courners and ptotect against chiping.


The Modern Absract Sculptures start with cardboard models. Molds are built.


Steel Reinforcement floats the Stainless Steel Rails and fortify the Concrete Sculpture.


The concrete is poured from the top and vibrated to remove air bubbles.


If one takes time the to walk around the Modern Concrete Sculpture the activation of space becomes evadent.