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stainless steel sculpture "split plane sculpture" 1981-1982 b



Modern Abstract Contemporary Sculpture / Stainless Steel Sculpture


I had used rectangular ingot type monoliths through the 1970’s.


I decided to try Rectangular Planes in the 1980’s, splitting them with a similar vocabulary of radii and circumference lines.


These Metal Sculpture are #304 Stainless Steel, cut by hand using a ban saw.


The last Stainless Steel Sculpture on this page, “Split Step Studio” was cut with Plasma Cutter.


It was moved in parts and welded together in the Gallery.


I try eight views: Front, Back, Right End, Left End and the 4 three quarter views in between.


I am happy if I get 6 out 8 views nice.


I often come up with Sculpture that works well from 8 vantage points.


This is a real feeling of accomplishment when a Modern Sculpture works on 360 degrees.


Working in Stainless Steel is Modern and hold up well with Little Maintenance.