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stainless steel sculpture "split plane sculpture" 1981-1982 a



Split Plane Rectangular Stainless Steel Sculpture reconfigured from one plate of stainless steel.


A simple concept in Contemporary Modern Sculpture but potent in its Minimal Sculptural content.


Cutting and Hinging a step outward ithe Abstract Sculpture activates the space aroung it.


As a Abstract Contemporary Artist I have chosen a Minimal Format.


Stainless Steel Sculpture it is well suited Outdoor Sculpture.


Stainless Steel Sculpture is Bright with a Reflective Surface, toned down in these Abstract Sculptures by Sand Blasting.


Modern Sculpture can be transferred into Monumental Scale by building Table Top Sculpture from Models.


If a Sculpture feels Monumental at 12 inches, it most likely will scale up to 12 feet or Monumental Sculpture.


Monumental at any size.


Using a Formal Vocabulary new configurations appear.


Increases with the development of Vocabulary , more possibilities open up.


These were some of the first Stainless Steel Sculptures I did and were cut on a metal Ban Saw in the1980's.


Small piece were to expensive to cut with a computerized Plasma Cutters at the time, it was cheaper to do by hand.