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wood sculpture / floor pieces 1973-1974



These Wood Floor Sculptures are made from 4" x 4' x 10' piece of Clear Fir..


I used the same rectangular shape as my my previous "Cement Block Series" (click next)


The Wood Sculpture is laid on the floor, cut, spaced, planed and laminated togeather in new configurations.


A Excercise in Basic Division.


Each Wood Sculpture is suspended off the floor with 2" x" 2" x 4" blocks at each end.


Suspeding the Wood Sculpture  off the floor gave them a feeling of floating on light and shadow.

These Divisions became Pivotal in my Formal Language or Vocabulary I developed in 1973 .

This Formal Langueage I still speak about today in my Contemporary Modern Sculpture.


These pieces were in my first Group Show in 1973 at Jack Glen Gallery in Corona Del Mar, CA..


I was amazed at 23 years old to be showing in Gallery with Raushenerg and Nauman.


My next Series of Poured Concrete and Steel Sculpture was molded directly off one of these Wood Sculptures.


Goes to show how one one Modern Sculpture leads to another.