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concrete abstract sculpture 1989-1990 c



Marquette's done in my 8th floor studio in the Desmonds Building, Mid Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles.


These Minimal Abstract Sculpture Studies were later done up to 16' H in Stainless Steel and Concrete.


These Modern Sculptures are my first experiments in Warped Planes.


Concrete and Stainless Steel further explore the use of materials as color.


I took my earlier Planer Concrete Sculpture and by bridging opposing facets created Warped Volumes.


These works add a third side to every quarter of the 4 facets of my earlier Plainer Concrete Sculpture.


This Sculpture Series explores further explores the point in space that 4 circles have in common, using a 3rd dimension.


The predominant portion of the Modern Sculpture in Invisible and left in Outer Space when projected.


Interested in infinity these works explore the Cyclic aspects of Outer Space.


I start out with drawings and models before building Outdoor Monumental Sculpture.


It is expensive and time consuming and mistakes prove costly.


Concrete Contemporary Sculpture requires Molds, Reinforcement Bar, Pouring, and Finishing.


Concrete Sculpture requires lot to complete and is labor intensive but still one of my favorite mediums.


I like the way the light clings to the surface.