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wood and canvas sculpture 1970-1971



I moved to Venice Beach, CA. in 1968 and this was my first body of work in the Minimal Sculpture in 1970.


A Departure from Paintings I used the same materials Wood and Canvas.


The Sculpture is held together by the tension of the canvas.


The Free Standing Works and Floor Pieces are click NEXT >


These sculpture resemblance to Beach Chairs.


Perhaps something sub conscience from living at in Venice Beach.


One of his first pieces was I sold was to Fashion Designer James Reva.


He lived in a bungalow in The Marina Del Rey before Condominiums in the early 1970's.


These sculpture had a resemblance to Beach Chairs.


His neighbors started hanging Beach Chairs on their Walls.


I was into Natural Materials for my Color Palette.


Grey's came next when I moved from wood into concrete.