modern abstract monumental outdoor painted steel sculpture







prismatic centrifuge series 2010



3 Painted Steel Outdoor Sculptures with Stainless Steel Mounting Feet.


A Garaceful Touch down.

The Abstract Sculptures are about the Inner Space usinf the Sculptureas a Template to contain the shape Inside.

Some refer to this concept as Gestalt or "Filling the Hole".

Space can be Form by using the Sculpture as a Template to describe the Interior Space.

This illustrate space being formed in the interior of these sculptures.

I an interested in Outer Space contained and radiated out in my sculpture.

The Sculpture touches down on 3 points made from threaded nuts in stainless steel.

A threaded dowel can be screwed into threaded stainless steel nuts.

The dowels can be mounted into concrete slab using setting them holes secured with epoxy glue.

This install allows stainless steel in contact with the ground, preventing any rust.

The Modern Abstract Sculptures uses the same Formal Vocabulary started in 1972 Wood Floor Sculpture.

The 3 corner columns are linked at the top to form a Sky Light illuminating the interior.

This leaves a kind of monolith triptych that creates another sculpture in the inner space of the piece.

As valid a Form as any yet Invisible and Contained.