modern outdoor minimal abstract stainless steel sculpture                                          click image to rotate


#1 "Triangulation" 2010


#2 "Reversed Radius" 2010



#3 "Arc Radius" 2011








rectangular revision 2010 - 2011



.005" #304 Stainless Steel Plate.


7' 10" H x 28" base dia .


The Stainless Steel Sculpture is the point in space that 4 circles have in common, the rest Exists in outer Space.


This can demonstrated in drawings of extended projections of each radi and circumfrance.


The Modern Sculpture becomes a Templates describing Outer Space.


Radius/Circumfrance Lines on Opposing Facets, when Parralex Vision, Createss movement and Activates Outer Space.


Outer Space is a Dimension Ignored and Ever Present.


Activating Space is more intresting than Abstract Sculpture.


This Manipulation that occurs in Space is what Interests Me.

Stainless Steel is Reflective, Low Maintenance and Durable.


It is brilliant enough to blend as a Fragmentation of Space.


Maintence is limited to 220 sandpaper used with the established grain of the Stainless Steel Sculpture.


Stainless Steel is Modern, Light and Reflective. "Light on all Levels" is a given like "Less is More".


These Lasr Cut-Stainless Steel-Abstract Sculptures are Monoliths similar to the Concrete Monoliths I did in the 1970's.


Laser Cutting Technology now cuts Stainless Steel Plate accurately the width of a pencil line.


                                                                         laser cutting video link > .