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Interview 2012

*Interview  2010

*Sculpture Exhibition  2011

Sculpture  Drawings 2011

Concrete / Steel 1974-1978

*Europe Cultural TV Documentary  2010

*15 min Sculpture Summary -Evolution of a Line 1970-2011

"Sky Lots" by H.H. Georgescu _"Never Built L.A." @ A+D Architecture and Design Museum, L.A._4/28/13


artist statement


As a child I was recognized for my art work.

My Paintings lined the school halls and hung in the principals office.

My father a internationally recognized architect backed me 100%.

He told me if I stuck to my guns with art I would always be free.

I was lucky to know my path in life early on.


My Father was instrumental in exposing me to Modernism through his work.

He never spoke about himself but I learned the Modern style from watching.


In 1968 Minimalism was Posting and I graduated from Palisades High School.

I moved directly down the Highway to Venice Beach.

At the time I was unaware it was to become a dominant west coast art hub.


“The Light and Space” and “Art and Technology Movements” were  both pivotal in 1968.

My aptitude toward Geometry and Sculpture were good so I began work on Abstracting Minimalism.

Things had gone as simple as possible and  I could only see moving outward.

Outer Space and Infinity have been prime factors in my work.


I was blown away when I learned the sky did not end and have found myself working in cyclitic aspects.

I think of my sculpture as the place in space circles have in common.

The sculpture being the inner space leaves the predominate portion of my sculptures in outer space.

Outer space is what I try to form and activate using the sculptures as templates.

The Stainless Steel in my recent pieces has brought light into my work.


I began dividing the rectangle which I preferred over the square, elegant and elongated.

I developed a series of forms, interchangeable in position and scale which evolves today 42 years later.

When building Sculpture I know exactly where each piece fits.

Making cardboard models to scale a practice I learned working in the drafting room.

My Father’s Modern Architecture came into play again as I began to realize my choice of style and materials.

Wood, Concrete and Steels were engrained into me from a young age.


My exposure to Modernism was early having a father in both the Bauhaus and Modernist Movements.

It is hard to dispute Modernism. Less is More. It is timeless. Le Corbusier made a big impression.


I leased a 5,000 sq ft. wharehouse in Venice Beach from 1968-1982 for $235 a month.

I finished my first body of work in 1970. "Wood and Canvas"

The New Talent Committee from LACMA would stop by yearly and one of the committee members Joni Gordon started a Gallery Newspace were I showed for 35 years with exception of Jan Turner and Fred Hoffman.


Before 1994 I was forced into a South Central L.A. Studio for 6 years to keep my overhead low enough to keep building sculpture.

It was unsafe for my new wife and once again I found safe low overhead on the outskirts of Palm Springs where I live today.




recent acquisitions





                                 2013   Palm Springs Museum of Art,  Palm Springs, CA









    2013 Private Collection @ The Reserve, Palm Desert, CA










                  2012  New American Embassy,  Bucharest, Romania









                              2010 Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA










                                  2009  City of Palm Springs.  Palm Springs, CA










                            2012  Crocker Museum of Art, Sacramento, CA









                         2010 Grand Hyatt, Tokyo, Japan





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